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Tomato List 2023

 2023 Tomato list

tomato prices: $1.29 for single 2.25" white tag, $1.59 for single 2.25" blug tag, $3.29 for 1204 four packs, (please note, not all plants are available in 4 packs!) Big Zac $2.89/3" pot Blue tag 4 packs $4.29

  Red to pink large fruited

 Better Boy hybrid                                                                 Brandywine

Big Boy hybrid                                                                      Brandywine Red

Old Fashioned Early Girl hybrid                                        Jet Star hybrid

Early cascade                                                                      monster italian paste

Celebrity hybrid                                                                    Arkansas Traveler

Oregon Spring                                                                       Thessaloniki

 * Rio grande  hybrid roma type                                           Trip L crop Italian tree

 supersauce                                                                           early goliath

German Queen                                                                     

San Marzano                                                                         Aussie

Rutgers                                                                                   Pik Rite hybrid

Breakfast Queen (local heirloom) Jerusalem

Roma                                                                                       Delicious                                       Anna Lee Ault tomato (local heirloom)                                

Mountain Pride hyb                                                                   Mexico

Mortgage Lifter                                                                     Mrs Houseworth Oxheart

Ball’s Beefsteak                                                                     Sweet Seedless

German Johnson Pink                                                          Depps Pink   

Bocek Italian                                                                          new big dwarf            

Better Bush                                                                            window box roma                                   


Small fruited (cherry and Grape) red to pink


Hanging Basket (dwarf)                                           Red Grape, Sugar Plum

Rosalita Pink Grape                                                 Red currant (tiny pea sized)

Large Red Cherry                                                   

Pink Peach                                                                super Sweet 100

Rose Quartz (pink cherry)                                       Sweet Seedless (ping pong sized)

Tommy Toes                                                               Tomatoberry

Ditmarsher (dwarf)                                                  reisetomate

  Yellow to orange Large-medium Fruited

 Golden Jubilee                                                       Yellow Brandywine                                     

Kelloggs Breakfast                                                    Amana Orange

Jumbo Jim Orange                                                   Yellow Giant Belgium

 Lemon Boy Hybrid.                                                  Mountain gold




 Small Fruited Yellow to Orange to white

 Ildi yellow grape                                                        Blondkopfchen yellow cherry

Yellow Pear                                                               Snow White Cherry

Garden Peach                                                            Golden Honey Bunches   

 Large yellow cherry                                                 Sun gold

Sun sugar                                                                  

 Large Bicolored or Striped

 Old German Bicolor                                                 Hillbilly

Pineapple                                                                   Mary Robinsons Bicolor

Mr Stripey                                                                  Virginia Sweets                                                   

 Large Purple to Brown to Black

 Russian Chocolate                                                    Cherokee Chocolate

Cherokee Purple                                                       Black Krim

Ukranian purple                                                        Southern Night

Black Brandywine                                                    Pruden’s Purple

OSU Blue                                                                   Indigo Blue Beauty

Carbon                                                                       Black Icicle

Purple Passion                                                         Black sea man

Black from Tula

 Small black, brown, purple

 Black Cherry                                                             Brown Berry

Black zebra                                                               

Black Prince                                                              Chocolate Cherry

Bumblebee Pink and Purple                                    Indigo Yellow/Red mix

 Large Green when Ripe

 Aunt Ruby’s German Green                                   Emerald Evergreen  

Cherokee Green

Small green when ripe

 Aunt Ruby’s German Cherry                                 Green Grape

Green Zebra

 Large White

 White Queen                                                              White Beauty

White Wonder                                                           Great White Beefsteak



 UNUSUAL tomatoes

  Pink peach-fuzzy pink salad                                           silvery fir tree- unusual foliage                                                                                                    “carrot like”

Garden peach-fuzzy apricot                                                Osu Blue-inky purple and red 

Ditmarsher(pink cascading cherry)                                  reisetomate-- Pull apart cherrry 

Sweetie seedless med.seedless tomato                     

Black Icicle-black long plum tomato                      

HB Red, very small, good for patio pots

Tiny Tiger striped patio cherry tomato

Golden Nugget yellow sweet patio cherry tomato

Pink and purple Bumblebee-large pink or purple cherry tomato with stripes

Indigo yellow and red- cherry tomatoes with inky purple on top, yellow or red on bottom

PATIO TOMATOES (those good for growing in pots)

Celebrity (red slicer)

Window box roma

Better Bush (red slicer)

New big dwarf -large tomatoes, smaller plants


Hanging Basket Red

Rosy Finch Pink

yellow canary yellow cherry 

 Golden Nugget

Tiny Tiger 





2023 Hot pepper list

2023 Hot peppers ABC ORDER --Scoville units listed


Aji Charapita $4.29 (small round yellow) 30,000-50,000 worlds most expensive seasoning pepper from Peru

Aji Limon $1.29 (small yellow, citrusy) shaped like a yellow tabasco 5,000-10,000

Aji Pineapple $1.29 10,000-30,000

Aleppo $1.59 1,000 

Alma Paprika, $1.29 a very slightly spicy smoky flavored paprika to dry 150

Amnesia $4.29 1,000,000

Anaheim Chile,Big Jim Hybrid, $1.29 anaheim chile (green to red) 500-2000 (excellent for canned chiles)

Ancho $1.29  500-1,000

Bhut Jolokia Chocolate $3.29 (chocolate ghost pepper, hottest 2011) up to 1,000,000    

Bhut Jolokia Red(red ghost pepper) $3.29 up to 1,000,000 

 Bhut Jolokia White (white ghost pepper) $3.29 up to 1,000,000

Bhut Jolokia yellow (yellow ghost pepper) $3.29 up to 1,000,000

Big Yellow Mama $3.29, nice fruity flavor big fruits 1,000,000+

Bishops Crown  $1.29 (green to red), funny balloon shaped 5,000-15,000

Bismarck Chocolate$4.29 1,500,000+ by Rocco Maltesi/Italy, large chocolate pepper cross of Ma Wartyx and Skunk Red, fruity

Black Pearl  $1.29 ornamental and hot, great for container/culinary too 15,000

Carolina Reaper Red Newer strain-2014-present world record  $3.29 1,750,000+

Carolina Reaper Old School Strain, $2.29 extra hot, variable in shape  1,750,000+

Carolina Reaper Red extra gnarly $4.29  1,750,000+

Carolina Reaper Yellow $3.29  1,500,000

Cayenne Long Slim, $1.29 (green to red) 30,000-50,000 great for drying on string

Cherry hot red, $1.29 similar to jalapeno flavor and heat round green to red, 3,000

Chipotle $1.59 (green to red) 6,000 smoky flavor dried, also smoke peppers for more smoky flavor

Cumari do Para  $2.29 small plant great in container or basket, great flavor 100,000-200,000

Daisy Cutter, $4.29 yellow super hot 1,000,000

Despair $4.29  1,000,000 + red, looks like it has some moruga in it. Long lasting burn

Devil’s Tongue $4.29 100,000

Dragon’s Breath $4.29  rumored to be hotter than reaper, 2,000,000

Fatalii yellow,$1.29  habanero type from Africa, very tasty! 75,000-100,000

Fresno Chile $1.59  5,000-7,000, use in sriracha sauce when red, use as jalapeno when green

Garden Salsa Hybrid, Seed shortage- Substitute-- Italian Roaster

Habanero Chocolate $1.29 100,000-300,000

Habanero Orange $1.29 100,000-300,000

Habanero Red $1.29 100,000-300,000

Habanero White bullet$1.29  200,000-400,000

Hungarian Hot Wax (Hot Banana) $1.29 (yellow to red) 5,000-10,000

Hurt Berry $4.29 (red)  2,000,000 + Just ask Ted or Steve!!!LOL

IIndia Birds Eye Chili $2.29 50,000

Indian PC-1 $1.29 (green to red) also called finger hot 50,000-100,000 flavorful

Italian Roaster $1.59 3,000-7,000

 Jalapeno, Early$1.29  (green to red) 4,000-7,000

Jalapeno Gigantia $1.59 our largest jalapeno, can be up to 5” long! Hybrid 3,000

Jalapeno M $1.29 (green to red) another large, sometimes hotter , jalapeno (depends on weather/rain) 3,000

Jalapeno, Purple $2.29 (purple to red) 3000-5000 back by popular demand!

 Jalapeno, Tam mild $1.29 (green to red) very mild, very little heat, large 1,000-500

Lemon Starrburst $4.29 800,000

MA Purple $4.29 another very hot pepper from Matt Arthur in Arkansas Purple to red 750,000+

Mexibell $1.29 bell peppers with a little heat. Tasty 100-500 scovilles

MK Purple Trash $4.29 1,000,000+

Pepperoncini Italian  $1.29 -like in the pizza boxes only tastier 150

Pequin $1.29 75,000

Piquillo $2.29 spanish tapas pepper, great stuffed with cheese 7,000 

Purple bubblegum, $4.29 starts out green, turns purple, color goes up into stem. Heat level up to 1,000,000

Purple UFO $4.29 100,000+

Red hot chili pepper, $1.29 great one to freeze, dry, can to use in chili and sauces, similar to cayenne 40,000

Red Peter Pepper $1.29 (green to red) 20,000-50,000

Scorpion, Jay’s Peach Ghost   $3.25 1,000,000+

scorpion, Jay's Red Ghost $3.29 1,000,000+ 

Scorpion Trinidad Butch T strain  $3.29 -world’s hottest pepper 2012&2013-1,400,000+,

Scorpion Trinidad Moruga Red  $3.25  800,000

7 pot bubblegum orange $$3.29 750,000+ 

7 pot Pink $3.29 loved this one! 700,000+ not girly! 

7 Pot Primo Yellow $3.29 800,000+

Serrano $1.29 (green to red) 10,000-23,000

Shishito     $1.59           0-1000

Sugar Rush Peach $2.29 20,000-30,000 ----4 pack $6

sugar rush stripey, $4.29 similar to sugar rush heat in looks and flavor.heat, just striped 

T-Rex Chocolate $4.29 100,000+

Tabasco $1.29 (green to red) 30,000-50,000

Thai Hot $1.29 (green to red) very small, very hot, short plants, great for containers/culinary 50,000-100,000

Thor’s Hammer Peach, $4.29 superhot 1,000,000+ fun cross of many superhots from Jes Chriestiensen of Denmark

Thunder Mountain Longhorn OP $1.29  50,000 similar to but hotter than cayenne, peppers 12-18” long, great for drying on string

Tricolor Variegata $1.29  (ornamental and very hot for cooking, purple to red) 50,000-75,000

 Wartyx Yellow $4.29 great yellow, very hot, very bumpy/scary 1,000,000+

Yellow Fever, $4.29 large yellow, very hot USA cross 1,000,000+ 

Orange tags $4.29

Green tags $3.29

Red Tags $2.29

Blue tags $1.59

White tags $1.29 

Blue tags 4 packs $4.29

 red tag 4 pack $6.00

White tags 4 packs  $3.29

Sweet Pepper List 2023

Pepper List 2023              *market selections add + $.25 per plant for seed costs, market growers choices*

 $1.29  each, $3.29 per 4 pack,(note not all plants are available in 4 packs)   (additional $.25 each per plant for market selections will be added, if they are selected, those have a * on the list and a blue tag)



California wonder

Keystone Resistant Giant

Big Bertha

Pimento L

majestic red




Golden California wonder

Sweet banana, these are yellow and will turn red

* Bounty hybrid sweet banana, these are yellow and will turn red $1.59

Cubanelle, these are yellow green and will turn red

Jackpot f2 same variety I got the world record with, saved seeds, they are throwing big peppers



Chocolate beauty bell



Orange Sun bell



White bell



Purple beauty bell



Mini sweet snack pepper mix, mix of orange, yellow, red, like those sold in stores in the little containers!

New! Triple delight sweet pepper mix, long large pointed sweet peppers start green, then turn to red, yellow or orange

 Cubanelle, lime green to red

Sweet Banana, yellow to red

Habanero sweet red $1.59 0-100 scovilles habanero flavor without the heat! Great for sauces… 




Herb List 2023

Herb list 2023 

The letter A or P, means annual or perennial, if planted in the ground.

 Most herbs are $3.59

Basil, Cinnamon A $3.59

Basil Holy red and green A $3.59

Basil, Lemon A $3.59

Basil, Lime A $3.59

Basil,  Purple A$3..59

Basil, Sweet Italian A $3.59

Basil, Sweet Italian Lettuce leaf A $3.59 

Basil, Thai A $3.59

Catnip P $3.59

Chamomile, German A $3.59

Chives P $3.59

Chives, Garlic P $3.59

Cilantro, A $3.59

Citronella A $4.79

Dill  A $3.59

 Epazote, A $3.59 mexican bean seasoning

Fennel, Bronze A $3.59

HoreHound P $3.59

Lavender, Grosso A $3.59

Lavender, Hidcote Blue P $3.59

Lavender, Munstead P $3.59

Lemon Balm P $3.59

Lemon Grass A $4.59

Lemon Verbena A $3.59

Mexican mint marigold A $3.59 

Mint, Apple P $3.59 

Mint, Berries and cream (fruity mint flavor) P $3.59

Mint, Chocolate Peppermint P $3.59

Mint, Ginger P $3.59 

mint, Lime P $3.59 

Mint, Mojito (sweet spearmint)  P $3.59

Mint, Orange P $3.59

Mint, peppermint P $3.59

Mint, peppermint variegated P $3.59

Mint, Pineapple P $3.59

Mint, Spearmint P $3.59

Mint, Strawberry $3.59 

Oregano, Italian P $3.59

Oregano, Greek P $3.59

Par-cel Parsley celery cross A $3.59

Parsley, Italian Flat A $3.59

Parsley, Moss curled A $3.59

Pennyroyal P $3.59

Rosemary common A $3.59

Rosemary Hill Hardy  A $3.59

Rosemary prostrata A $3.59 

Sage, Common p $3.59

Sage, White A $4.59

St John’s Wort P $3.59

Stevia A $3.59 

Thyme, Lemon P $3.59

thyme, red mother of P $3.59 

Thyme, Vulgare (English common cooking type) P $3.59

Vietnamese Coriander (great sub for cilantro, tastes similar in foods and grows great all hot season! Also some people that don’t like cilantro and get a soapy taste from it, they like this one) A $3.59







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hot pepper list with descriptions and notes

Hot pepper list abc order with descriptions and scovilles, note not all of these plants are grown every year, this is for information.

Aji Crystal, similar to sugar rush peach, pick at yellowish color, full ripe orangish red, slight grapefruit taste,  up to 100,000 scovilles

Aji limo rojo, neat diamond shaped fruit, turns red, often has purplish color before ripening, 50,000 shu

Aji limon, 2” long, ½ “ wide, tasty citrusy flavor, amazing in salsa, prolific best if ripened but good green if you can’t wait, around 30,000 shu. Not a real tall plant can grow in pot easily.

Aji omnicolor, nice landscaping plant, does well in a pot, not super large, up to 2.5 feet. All different colors of peppers on plant at one time, orange, white, yellow, red, lavender, very ornamental. Nice fruity flavor, 30,000 scovilles. all ajis are from Peru

Aji orange, very tall plant can get up to 5 feet tall, covered in orange peppers around 2” long and skinny, very hot, like habanero. The taste was described as firecracker! They said it was upper mid heat but feels much hotter in your mouth.

Aji pineapple, 2” long ½” wide looks just like aji limon but with a slightly different flavor somewhat like pineapple (varies from plant to plant) a little hotter than aji limon, 30,000-75,000. Would also be ok in a pot but it is a little taller, bigger plant.

Aji rainforest, the hottest of the aji peppers, turns red, scovilles 50,000-75,000. Cool shape kind of similar to aji limo rojo, kind of diamond to bell shaped, turns red, from the rainforests of Brazil.

Alma Paprika, nice round pepper with thick wall. Dries well in a dehydrator, grind into a paprika with a somewhat spicy kick, about 1/3 as hot as a cayenne dried, produces well, lots of fun to make/use.

Anaheim Big Jim, a nice big long pepper around 6” long, will turn red if you leave them on the vine. Great to use green, dice and can, or freeze. Awesome in a fajita. Heat level around 200-500, can go hotter in dry weather. One variety grown in hatch new mexico as a hatch chile

Anaheim Sahuaro, very similar to big jim.  See for description.

Ancho 101, delicious heart shaped pepper from Mexico, takes a long time to mature, but very tasty, great for stuffing, cut into strips and use in fajitas. Heat level mild, 200-500 scovilles

Apocalypse Scorpion, pepper from Italy, unknown cross, hot as can be! Shu 700,000-800,000 red, size of fruit, similar in size to habanero. Grows well in Indiana.

Bahamian Goat Pepper, nice peachy color, about the size and shape of habanero, love the taste on this one, a lot like scotch bonnet. Good producer. Shu around 100,000


BhutXNeyde Pink with purple, interesting colors of leaves and or peppers, decent heat 100,000-200,000, new for me this year, don’t know about taste

Bhut Jolokia , aka ghost pepper, comes in red (normal color) peach, chocolate, white, yellow. Red and chocolate taste the hottest but they are all really hot. Shu up to 1 million

Bhutlah brown, cross of bhut jolokia and 7 pot douglah, many people believe this is actually the hottest pepper in the world,.definitely scovilles around 2 million.

Big bang space chili, large chili up to 10” long, shu around 1000-5000, best used when green

Big Black mama, big mustard mama, big red mama, big yellow mama, similar pepper in varying colors. Nice producer for me, good flavor, heat level similar to primos and other super hots around 1,000,000 and over. This is one hot mother!!!!

Bishops crown pepper, very cool shape, kind of like a balloon with wings, like a bell. Red peppers, tall plants 3 feet and over. Grows well here, and it’s a tasty pepper. Not very hot in the wings at all, a little more heat towards stem. Overall shu around 5,000-15,000

Black Betty Pepper, nice purply color plant and really dark peppers, almost black. I do believe they might eventually ripen to red, but not sure. Heat level similar to habanero, 100,000 up to 150,000

Black Pearl, more of an ornamental, but edible too. You can use this like a thai hot to bring up the heat level in a stir fry, chili or salsa, but it doesn’t impart much flavor only heat. Great landscaping plant, really pretty in a pot or 10-12” hanging basket. Shu20-30 thousand.

Brazilian starfish, nice star shaped flattened pepper. Some are orange, and some are red. No heat to just a touch up at stem end. Scovilles  around 500. Tall plants, very productive, good peppers to eat green or colored in salads. Really nice pickled green like a pepperoncini, distinctive flavor.

Carbonero, cross between an Indian Carbon Bhut, Yellow 7 pot, and orange habanero. Fruity flavor, big peppers, nice orangy color when ripe, shaped a little like a bhut, pointed and wrinkled, shu a little hotter than habanero 150,000

Carolina Reaper, world’s hottest according to Guiness world records. Red-standard color, also comes in chocolate, and peach, and yellow. 2,000,000 scovilles max. has a distinctive flavor, of course very hot, but tasty too. Saved some isolated seeds from a couple really bumpy peppers and have those listed as Carolina reaper extra gnarly red.

Cayenne, 50,75,000 shu. Aka crushed red pepper, good flavor for cooking, dries easily, thin walled. Several varients we have are long slim, Mesilla ( a little bigger but a little milder) and Thunder Mountain longhorn is a very long skinny one with 12-18” pods. All dry well just strung on strings or pull plant up at end of season and hang upside down in heated area to dry.

CPR Chocolate Primo Reaper, cross of Chocolate primo and reaper. Very hot as you can imagine, nice pepper, fairly productive, around 2,000,000 shu

Cumari do para , nice pea sized yellow pepper from Brazil. Great plant to grow in a pot or a hanging basket, covered with small peppers. Really unique flavor, kind of citrusy, very intense. Around 100,000 shu, and fun to grow. Good in salsa/stir fry too. Highly recommended as a very fun pepper to grow too


Death Spiral, Red, naga-bubblegum red cross. Interesting bumpy texture on pods, very hot, from England. Grow over 4 feet tall, ripen from green to peach and then red.  Shu’s over 1,000, 000

Devil’s brain, red, cross of Brainstrain red and unknown pepper.  3-4” long pods, bumpy, extremely hot 1,000,000- 1, 200,000 shu  floral flavor.

Fatalii peppers are basically the African version of a habanero. Similar in heat level, around 100,000 shu’s . They come in yellow, red, chocolate, and white, pointed shape kind of like a ghost pepper, or bhut jolokia, but not as hot. Great flavor

Fish pepper, grown around Philadelphia and Baltimore Maryland, often used in seafood cooking. Plants around 2.5 feet tall, have some variegation on theleaves. Peppers green to red, with often orange or yellow stages in between. Peppers around 2-3” long. SHU around 20,000-30,000

Garden salsa, pepper around 5 inches long, similar to Anaheim pepper only they are usually  hotter. Anywhere from 5,000-10,000 scovilles, hottest if weather gets dry and later in the season.

Gator Jigsaw, like standard red Jigsaw, but turns a different greenish yellow color when ripe, scovilles around 900,000

Genghis Khan’s Brains Chile, red, Italian pepper created by same ones as apocalypse scorpion, unknown cross, decent sized peppers,almost 3 inches long and pointed, kind of bumpy on the outside, shiny skin. Some say this pepper is hotter than Carolina reaper,  expect scovilles over 1,500,000

Ghostly Jalapeno, ghost/jalapeno cross, a little hotter than standard jalapeno, turns red but good to use green. Peppers around  5 inches long and 3/8” wide bumpy like a ghost pepper sometimes, sometimes smooth. Sweeter flavor and much much milder than bhut jolokia, estimated scovilles 10-15,000

Habanada, heatless habanero, turns orange, sweet flavor but musky  like habanero. Floral sweet flavor with no heat.

Habanero pepper, comes in red, orange (standard), chocolate, white bullet.  Shu’s range from 75,000 to 150,000 with hottest being white bullet, then chocolate, then red, then orange.

Hot paper Lantern, elongated different shaped red habanero, shu’s around 75,000-100,000. Thin stemmed, productive 3-4 inches long

Hungarian wax hot, aka hot banana pepper. 4-6” long Good pickled, in sandwiches, salsas, shu  3,000-10,000, depending on soil and weather can be variable. Picked younger, milder too. Will turn red. Hybrid versions, inferno, hot sunset

Indian Jwala pepper, shu’s around 50-75,000. Small green to red, thin walled, think cayenne type pepper shape, also called finger hot. Never get longer than your finger. Dry easily. I think have a more complex flavor than cayenne and slightly more lingering heat.

I scream scorpion, couldn’t decide where to put this one on the bench on the scorpion section  or under I, the I won out…slightly milder of a Trinidad or moruga scorpion, this one supposedly has a sweeter flavor with a slight vanilla citrus flavor, and no bitterness.  Shu around 750,000. Turns yellow to orange when ripe

Jalapenos. Standard size and heat, Early Jalapeno. Hotter Jalapeno M and Biker Billy, Milder Tam Mild and Jalapeno Lite, which is also bigger.Monster Jalapeno is a milder hybrid, mid heat range but very large, Purple Jalapeno is purple and also milder, Lemon spice, regular heat and size, but turns yellow instead of red. Orange spice, regular heat and size, turns orange.

Japanese Lantern, cute little round peppers, short plants, good for pots, baskets, ornamental with all colors on plant at once. Green leaves. Flavor, not bad at all for an ornamental, kind of fruity with no off flavors, shu around 20-40k

Jay’s peach ghost scorpion, real nice pepper with 3” long peach colored peppers, good producer, hotter than the surface of the sun but with a fruity flavor. Over 1 million scovilles

Jigsaw pepper, red, neat flavor, hard to get seeds of. Shu 1,000,000

Manzano Red pepper, manzano means apple and it’s an apple shape like a pimento pepper. Some heat but overall to me kind of like a hot pimento. Thick walled and juicy, would be good in fajitas too. SHU around 12k-30k if you keep them real dry and hot.

Monster chili, hybrid larger Anaheim type pepper, very mild up to 1000 shu, usually only gets that hot if its dry and you don’t water. Great to make canned diced chiles with, thin skins that you don’t have to peel. Turns red if you leave them on too long, better green.

Moruga Scorpion, Moruga Scorpion Caramel, Moruga Scorpion Lemon-Lime, all super hot shu over 1,500,000 different colors. Standard moruga scorpion is red.

Naga Jolokia, the pepper that started the whole hottest pepper race in my opinion. Nice red color pointed similar to bhut jolokia but not quite as hot, usually around 750,000 shu

Naglah Beast (red), Naglah Beast Chocolate, cross of bhut jolokia and 7 pot Douglah. Even if you like extremely hot peppers be careful with this one. It has a really strong lingering burn, shu around  1.2 million. This is one hot pepper!  Developed by New Mexico Chili Institute

 Peter Pepper (red), Yellow Peter Pepper, fun, anatomically correct little peppers look like little members. Some more than others, but some look pretty realistic. The reds show this trait more than the yellows from growing experience. Good part is they are kind of like a cayenne pepper, and really good to cook with too.  Shu 30-50k 

Rimmerhus fun strain, some kind of chocolate Trinidad Scorpion cross from Rimmerhus, Denmark. These produce different shapes on one plant, some look like reapers, some are long, some are twisted. Lots of heat there shu 800,000+ Very expensive seeds, they don’t produce a lot of seeds either.

RRC420 super hot invented by Ron Crum. Supposedly it made him feel “weird” when he ate them, hence the 420 part of the name, red peppers.  Moruga scorpion crossed with ?  shu 1.2-2 million, floral flavor with no bitterness, good producer, fun name.

SRTSL  cross by Sara R from Trinidad, variant of Trinidad Scorpion, cool elongated shape, turns red, like someone took Trinidad Scorpion and held one end and pulled it like silly putty and made it longer. SHU crazy hot like Trinidad, 1.2 million is a good starting point. Seed originally from Trinidad. Good flavor on this one too because of the scorpion heritage.

Scotch bonnets, Orange, Yellow mushroom, Red. Scotch bonnets are their own food group. Essential for jerk chicken and pretty much in everything I cook. Fruity floral flavor, heat level similar to habanero or Bahamian goat, delicious pepper. Shu 75,000-100k   Yellow mushroom is the standard, red and orange are varients. Cool shapes, usually a little smashed looking like a scotch hat, but can vary, especially with the red and orange colors.

Sepia serpent, new pepper for me this year, color brown, cross of 7 pot douglah and Trinidad scorpion butch t, so the flavor will be there, but so is the heat. They say these throw very big pods, up to the size of a golf ball in good conditions. Because when a pepper is shu 1 million +, you sure need it to be bigger! Lol

Serrano, Serrano del sol, serrano purple  great traditional salsa peppers. Ask anyone from Mexico! Serrano is best used green, will turn red. Of course serrano purple is purple, will turn red when over ripe. Del sol is a larger hybrid serrano, almost as big as a small jalapeno. Shu 30,000, delicious!

7 pots are a large group from Trinidad and because of the heat and flavor, they’ve been crossed into all kinds of varients.

7 pot bubblegum, red, yellow, chocolate long, white  these are named this because someone thought they tasted like bubblegum which I don’t get. Most of the peppers have a somewhat round shape except for the chocolate long. Very bumpy , very hot. The color of the ripe pepper goes up into the stem and calyx, making them easy to spot in a bucket of peppers. Shu 1 million +

7 pot Douglah, aka 7 pot douglah chocolate. There is no other color of true 7 pot douglah at this time. Anything else is a cross of some sort …definitely one of the worlds hottest, many crosses are made with this one. Shu definitely 1.5 million and up

7 pot primo red, yellow, chocolate strains of 7 pot by Troy Primeaux of Louisiana. These are some of my favorite super hots. Clean floral fruity taste, great in salsa (don’t use too much) makes a great pepper powder. Especially fruity is the yellow. Plenty of heat shu well over 1 million. Yellow feels less hot because of the sweet/fruitiness but testing shows its right up there too.

Sugar Rush peach, this actually is an aji pepper from peru. Larger peppers about 2-3 inches long and about an inch across, tapering to a blunt point. Start out kind of yellowish like hot banana, turn to a light peach color. As soon as they get full size you can pick them and not wait for color, it takes a while. Good sweet flavor at first bite, then lingering heat. Shu around 50,000-75,000. Fairly thick walled for a hot pepper. Most people love them, but not my hubby Ted, he picks up a weird off flavor in those that he doesn’t like. He also can’t stand a true Belgian wheat beer, so maybe if you hate Belgian wheat beers, pass on this one and try aji pineapple or aji limon instead.

Tabasco, small, very hot thin walled peppers, fermented for tabasco sauce. This is also the green peppers you see in bottles of vinegar down south at restaurants. You can easily make your own tabasco or vinegar sauce yourself, theres’s videos on you tube. They do have a lot of peppers, takes forever for them to turn ripe it seems. Pick them as they ripen and freeze to ferment later to get a batch. Before frost, pull up the whole plant and hang upside down in a heated area and all the ones that are big enough will also turn red. Put the green ones in vinegar, for more flavor, smash them a little with the bottom of a glass first.

Thai hot, Thai hot giant  cute little pepper plants never over 2 feet tall. Thai hot has smaller peppers, about a million per plant, you can grow it in a hanging basket or patio pot. Not that hot, 75,000, but they burn forever and a day. Great flavor and authentic per my Thai friends at Thai Kitchen on South Walnut street (go there and eat!!!)   Thai hot giant, not quite as hot, just a little bigger plant, peppers about 3x the size at 1-1.5 inches long by ½ “ wide.  Shu probably 50,000, so just use more. Both of these dry readily, even air drying in Indiana! Totally recommend growing either in a pot and bringing in for winter dishes, even if you kill it, you’ll pick a lot of peppers off it first.

Thunder mountain Longhorn, cayenne variant, in my thoughts, not quite as hot shu 45k. Super long peppers that are very attention getting at market, but a pain in the butt to pick without breaking. And when customers handle them, they break them and then don’t want the broken ones. For home use, they are really fun, they would make a very pretty ristra, they are thin 12-18” long by 3/8” wide. And they air dry very well. Flavor is good, for a cayenne type. Would make great crushed red pepper flakes for pizza. Shu 35-50k

Trinidad Scorpions are a whole family of peppers now, originally from Trinidad, they are related to the 7 pots, some people say same peppers, some say 7 pots are a cross. Anyway, they all have extreme heat and extreme flavor. Shu over 1 million for most  varients.  .

Trinidad scorpion Lemon Lime matures to a greenish yellow color, if you let it go too long it gets full yellow, but it’s not crunchy then, aka mustard color. Tasting notes include good scorpion flavor, but less hot, 650,000 shu. So not melt your face hot.

Rimmerhus fun strain is a chocolate Trinidad scorpion cross that makes weird shapes, filed here in the R section. A little hotter than 1 million.

Trinidad scorpion sweet, turns from green to red, floral flavor and medium heat level. For Trinidad that means around 500,000 shu  so you can use more. LOL 2’ long and plenty hot

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T is red, and Red-hot, worlds hottest pepper for about a year until reaper took over. 1.5 million +. Good flavor, fruity musky floral at the same time.

Yellow cardi is a nice fruity yellow version, less hot than Butch T, shu 1 million, these are good in salsa, dried, I like to mix with the ajis for a good “yellow pepper powder”


Tricolor Variegata, has leaves of purple, green and white swirled together. Peppers start out purple and turn red, about 2 feet tall, but looks even better if you pinch the tops out of the young plants a time or two to make them bushier. Not a lot of flavor, heat around 30,000, so good to use in stir fry or chili where you don’t want chili flavor, just heat.


Urfa biber, not related to Justin Bieber, is a Turkish pepper that’s similar to Aleppo I grew last year, but I couldn’t get seeds for. Notes of raisin, chocolate, and a dash of pipe tobacco, along with a little kick of heat make up the flavor profile of these Turkish chile flakes, according to one spice vendor. Super popular in middle eastern cooking, it says to get the complex flavor the peppers are sun dried during the day and sweated at night. So it sounds like put them out in the sun on a window screen and throw a towel over then at night until dry to me. Sounds fun to try! Shu 30,000-50,000 shape similar to a poblano pepper, I haven’t grown this one yet, so try drying a few on the screen, but around here, you might need a dehydrator because our humidity is much higher than Turkey. 

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