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Welcome To Northern Tropics Greenhouse Website!

If you want the same old boring plants, Walmart is just 1/2 mile north of here...if you want to think outside "the box" come and see us! We're at 1501 East Fuson Road, Muncie, IN 47302....


Too far away? We'll mail them out to you.

  CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE STORE  (the webstore is now closed for the season, shipping is finished. See you in Spring 2018!


 Want to know what crazy hot peppers did we have available this year at the greenhouse? click the link above that says "Northern Tropics Information"


You've already been here and you have lots of veggies growing? How will I use these?

Just click on where it says "Recipes" above for great recipes and canning recipes too.


Now that I have this plant that I've never seen, how do I take care of it??? 

Check out our informative guides and information links, with banana care instructions, onion and leek growing instructions and picture links, all you have to do is click where it says "links" above.

Still have a question? Look no further!

 To contact us, or find our current operational hours, please click the NORTHERN TROPICS FACEBOOK PAGE, or call us, the phone number is 765-289-2929, or text 765-760-8831.